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This weekly newsletter was created for YOU if you are an aspiring singer who longs to  improve your singing skills to help with…


1. Vocal Health and Basics of Singing 

2. Increasing and Defining Vocal Range, Pronunciations, Vowels, and Vocal Styles

3. Ear-Training and Understanding Solfege

4. Audition Prep/ Best Song Choices For Your Range/Style

5. Finding Ways That YOU Can Make Money Through Singing 

6. Learning Where to Get Gigs Without Relying On Shows/Agents/Other Companies /How To Properly Promote Yourself As A Singer

7. The Basics of Running The Technological Side of Gigging 

What EXACTLY Does this Newsletter Send Me?

Every week you will receive a newsletter that is full of relevant information regarding how to use your talent as a source of income.  We will walk you through a variety of steps and save you time, money, and energy.  

What's even better is that you can choose to only sign up for the months you are interested in, based on the themed topic for that month :-) 

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