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1.  Written & Video Lessons From Anne 

2. Pictures, PDF's, & Word Documents with pertinent information regarding singer tips.

3. Information on How To Find & Contact Your Who , What, & Where For Gigs 

4. Pricing Guidelines, Templates, & Legal Terms You Need To Have  For Gigs

5. Information on how to specifically use your advertisements/emails/online sites. Cost analysis, benefits, and etc will be discussed in further details.

6. Advice, Encouragement, and Inspiration from Anne and others. 

7.  Links To any relevant blogs, books

, research, or videos that will teach you how to sing better and that Anne has found helpful in her career

8. An Invitation To Our Safe Community In A Private Facebook Page Where You Can Meet Other Singers Just Like Yourself

 (*Note From Anne herself) 

As someone who's struggled in the music industry before, I know how tight both time and money are.  That is why I am only charging $5 a month.  Yes, just $1.25 per newsletter. 

 It's not about me getting rich and sending you B.S...there's enough of that in the world.  However, I'd like to help you achieve your dreams and would love to build a community of singers that can rely on each other for help.  It does take time and effort to put all this information together for people and keep the website up.  That is why there is a small fee. 


Each month will have different themes and focuses,   

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The Month Of December Will  Cover:

Christmas Caroling (Do's & Don't)

Holiday Gigs (Pricing/Song Lists/Types 

Of Places That Hire

Variety Of Costuming For Gigs ( prices/links included) 

Vocal Exercises

Links To Recommended Resources Relevant To this Months Topic 

(Bonus Video-"Defining Your Audience & Niche"

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The Month Of January Will  Cover:

A New Year To Try New Gigs (lesson)

Who's Your 'Who',  Where Are They? and How Do You Get Noticed By Them? (lesson

Singing Tele-grams (Tips ,Templates, & Tricks) 

Vocal Exercises

Links To Recommended Resources

(Bonus Material- Legal Templates Needed To Protect Yourself At Gigs) 

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The Month Of February Will  Cover:

So You Want To Be A Wedding Singer? (Lesson) 

Lists of Most Popular Love Songs  (Based On Genre or Voice Part) 

Love Duets & Learning Harmonies (Lesson and Links with practice homework sheets) 

(Bonus Video-"Working As A Team" Covering all your bases when you agree to work along with another wedding musician) 

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The Month Of March Will  Cover:

Do I need A Website & How Would I Make One? (Lesson & Tutorial) 

Gigsites? Are They Worth It?  (Evaluation and Layout of Each Explained) 

Social Media & Advertising 

 (How To Create Web Content and Ads) 

Bonus Material -Proper Vocal & Gigging Equipment For Every Budget (Advice, Links, & Resources) 

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The Month Of April Will  Cover:

Baseball Season & The National Anthem  (Lesson-how to get chosen to sing the National Anthem For A Sporting Event

Patriotic Music (Why Every Singer Needs To Have These Songs Memorized and Ready To Sing)  

Preparing For Memorial Day & 4th Of July Gigs (Who You Should Contact & Where You Should Sing . Plus Tips, Tricks, and Templates.  Resources For Material Included)  

Music That Moves The Soul (How To Connect To The Music You Sing ( Lesson)  

Bonus Material - Links, to the some of the most moving vocals  & resources that help you with song interpretation)